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Single Unit Siting

1 day • NCC Training Academy • Safe Siting

Includes a combination of classroom-based learning, practical on-site exercises and our unique 360 video experience.

With small classes, we want you to receive the very best from our professional siting trainers who bring real experience to this safety critical operation.

Immerse yourself in our 360 video, with ground-breaking technology we show you how to site a unit in a safe and controlled environment.  It is an exciting and vibrant initiative which simulates your role and provides you with close-up 360º video in the essential aspects of siting a caravan unit.

This course provides an NCC Certificate of Attendance.


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Publications on your course topic come included with this safe siting course

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Safe Siting - Comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act

  • NCC Training Academy courses
  • Courses cover all aspects of safe siting
  • For all involved in siting single or twin units
  • Get an NCC Certificate in Safe Siting

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Caravan Industry Safe Siting Courses delivered by us as part of the NCC Training Academy